Setting Goals and Achieving Them with Melissa Carver (July 17th)

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Head 1 ResizedSetting goals is one thing; achieving them is another. So how can you be successful in both fronts? Woman Unleash Your Potential speaker, Melissa Carver, will help you be on your way to effectively setting goals for yourself and yes – achieving them.

Interview Details:

Date:  17th July 2013 (Wednesday)

Time of Speaking:

(2:00-3:00PM PST) (5:00-6:00PM EST) (10:00-11:00 GMT)

Topic:  Setting Goals and Achieving Them

A saying goes, “If You Can Think It, You Can Achieve It”! It sure sounds easy, but how do you do it?  Consider this question: “If I could do anything I wanted to do without stipulation, and money is not an issue, etc., what would it be?”  Once you know the answer to that question, you are on your way.  The next step is to set goals and achieve them.

By listening to Melissa on this call, you will learn:

  • Knowing and having Clarity on what you want to Achieve
  • Visualizing your Goal
  • Setting mini Goals
  • Tracking your Goals
  • Reaching your Peak Performance Zone – You have Arrived!
  • What Comes Next?

About Melissa:

Melissa Carver, “Coach Carver” is a successful, seasoned, and, knowledgeable professional who will share her knowledge and success with you.  Among her success stories are the building of 3 Top Tier Recruiting Firms across the U.S.; Author of Meet My Friend Max (an Aspiring Entrepreneur); The Three “L’s” of Interviewing; and Foreplay to Success.

Melissa has coached people with the enthusiasm to start a business; helped people with an existing idea of starting their own business; assisted successful business owners; has a niche for working the Executive Recruiting Firms to step up their game, and has helped people start their own Home Based Executive Recruiting Firms.

Best known for her leadership, teaching, and educating techniques, an ear to listen and assess any given situation with analytical ease, Melissa Carver is easily approachable and is ready to meet and greet any challenge you may bring her way.  Meet Melissa Carver, a Successful Business Owner, Speaker, Author, and most of all a Great Coach and Mentor!

Ask Melissa Carver what life is all about and she will tell you:  “It isn’t about Money, It is about People”; “Take Care of the People and the Money will Come”!

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