Ways To Promote Your Event or Product Launch

Every year I embark on hosting a live telesummit that features 21 Top Female Entrepreneurs. The process takes months of planning, from putting up a list of potential speakers, sending out invitations, following up, dealing with the various teams to get everyth...

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Making and Serving Coffee – Lesson for the Business Owner

I had an interesting weekend. I signed up to join the coffee team in Church and this Sunday I got my first training. I learned that making coffee is not as easy as it looks. I don’t drink coffee and so it was really interesting to learn the makeup of eac...

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Woman Unleash Your Potential Telesummit 2013

Women in business gather from the 9-20th of July for a life and business transforming online conference. The Woman Unleash Your Potential Summit is an annual event which attracts participants from over 45 countries.  This event is hosted by Placida Acheru one...

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