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Women are beginning to realise that they have to Stand out and Shine in other to create a better life for themselves as well as their loved ones.

  • Do you know women who are in business, who would like to create change in their lives?
  • Do you belong to Social Media Groups/Business Networks that are predominately women?
  • Have you got a mailing list?

Would you like to help promote this life changing online event, showcasing top female entrepreneurs who have created 6 and 7 Figure Businesses?

You can help us reach more women, and earn some money, when you register as an affiliate
(it takes about 3 minutes).

The Woman Unleash Your Potential Summit of previous years were a huge success reaching women worldwide. With your help this year we can reach even more women in need of information and advice on how to transform their lives and achieve their dreams.

The purpose of this event is to Empower, Motivate and Equip as many women as possible to achieve their dream and be who they were born to be. Our goal is to reach every nation of the world Transforming lives. And it is free to listen.

In addition to the free summit, we are also offering a Next Level Success Kit which includes downloadable MP3 recordings and transcripts of all the interviews, access to private online group, including amazing bonuses provided by the experts depending on the package purchased.

How You Earn:

As an affiliate, you can invite people to sign up for the free summit. By helping spread the word, you’re contributing to the empowerment of people you love and to thank you for publicizing the Woman Unleash Your Potential Summit 2016 to your email list and contacts, we pay a generous 30% commission on Unleashed Women’s Membership,  and 50% when the full audio package is bought that is %48.50 on each sale. Some affiliates earn $1000’s and you can too!

If you have the ability to send to more than 50,000 people, or you believe you can recruit someone who could, please  email us at info (at) womanunleashyourpotentials.com to discuss becoming a “super affiliate” and earning even more.

Just by sharing an extremely valuable FREE resource with your network, you can combine making a positive difference with the potential for making some extra passive income.

Promote In 6 simple Steps.

1.    Register as an affiliate.

2.    We instantly email you a unique personal “Affiliate Link”.

3.    You share that link with your network via any method that suits you. We hope that you will send out at least one email to your list and promote the event via your web page, blog, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and/or Linkedin, but that is up to you.

4.    We will provide you with templates for your emails and social media posts to make this quick and easy for you or you can create something using your own style and language. You also have banners to choose from which you can place on your website or blog.

5.    When someone clicks on your unique personal affiliate link, they are taken directly to the home page: http://www.womanunleashyourpotential.com and our system automatically tracks the referral from you.

6.    We will offer an amazing summit for free, and give registrants an opportunity to purchase the optional upgrade package.
We know this will be a win-win for you and your network, as well as for us, not to mention the women around the world!
Start Promoting today.

Promotions start on Monday 5th August 2016, with the Telesummit starting on September 5th -15th, so sign up TODAY as an affiliate (it’s free and takes just 3 minutes!)  Just sending one email to your list could means that 100’s or 1000’s of  women  are helped, and you could earn yourself $$$$.  Sign up as an affiliate here!

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Thank you for your support, it is very much appreciated!

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